Gymnastics Strength Training (GST) Guru – Paul Watson

Strength = Flexibility + Endurance + Aerobic Conditioning." – on building  strength and mobility through specific gymnastic strength training movement patterns

“Mobility is a form of strength. What underlies a tight muscle is, in fact, a weak muscle.” – on the importance of working on mobility

“Strengthening connective tissue closer to your joints is the key to true strength.” - on the capacity to support greater load and strength

Paul Showing a "Pancake"

Paul Watson  is founder and master trainer at TransformGST, which is an NYC-based gymnastic strength training facility for adults. He has a strong foundation in biochemical and biomechanics sciences. Paul also has certifications in medical exercise and works with people pre and post surgeries. We cover the differences between GST and other forms of exercise such as traditional weight lifting as well as other sports such as running and adult sports.

A Perfect Handstand on the Brooklyn Bridge

2:54 Minute Marker
What is Gymnastics Strength Training
Importance of core strength

Works muscles that aren’t traditionally trained
Different moving patterns

Differences between GST and traditional weight training and other sports that you may have done / are doing
Straight arm strength
Vertical support, i.e. handstand

Hamstrings, groin, straight leg movement

2-3 intro elements of GST
Think about where your body is most inhibited and focus there
Forward bend palming the floor
Sitting in a straddle with straight needs; bring chest to floor

Building strength with GST

Gymnastic rings

Muscles strengthen at different rates

Importance of working areas higher up in a join
Allows you to support greater load and mobility and, thus, develop strength

Single leg squat

Movements you can do at home
Spend more time on floor
Full range squat
Hollow body movement for core strength
Arch support movement / seal stretch
Back bridge / wheel

Mobility vs. flexibility
Focus on ‘end ranges’ of a position is more towards mobility

Gear for beginners

Difference between doing push-ups and dips on rings vs. doing push-ups on the floor and using a dip bar

Generating tension creates stability
Developing full-body tension while moving in positions

TransformGST (incl. their current online classes)

Paul Watson on Instagram

TransformGST on youTube

Yoga block

Olympic rings


5 - 50 pound hand weights

Olympic Rings

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